Athlete of the MonthMarch

Patrick Welch

Years at Storm King Athletic Club: 1

Patrick created healthy habits to carry himself into the New Year!

Patrick Welch started with Storm King Athletic Club in mid December as part of our 6 Week Thrive Challenge. As part of that challenge, Patrick was provided a customized eating plan that he followed strictly during his 6 weeks – even through the Christmas and New Year holidays! As a Thrive Challenger, it is strongly suggested that 3 workout classes a week be attended, which equals to at least 18 classes during the 6 week challenge time.  Well, Patrick was fully committed and utilized his Challenger Membership and attended a whopping 42 classes, that included BootCamp (cardio based,  no barbell, utilizes kettlebells & dumbbells) CrossFit (barbell strengthening, short & moderate workouts, Open Gym (working on goal movements) & Pulse (cardio & endurance based utilizing bike erg, rower & ski erg). With the customized eating plan and coach led workouts, Patrick lost 18lbs, 7% Body Fat and even gained 2lbs of muscle!! Congratulations Patrick on all your hard work and crushing all those goals! Storm King Athletic Club is proud of all your hard work and super pumped to have you as a member!

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