Athlete of the MonthJanuary

Stephanie Watts

Career: Nurse

Stephanie Watts January Athlete of the Month

Stephanie joined Storm King Athletic Club October 2019 as part of our 6 week Thrive BootCamp Challengers. Stephanie stays busy with her full time job, but still made time for herself by working out consistently 3-4 days a week and following a healthy eating plan. She successfully finished her challenge, losing 12lbs and 3% body fat. Since the end of her challenge, Stephanie has continued with working out 3 days a week, along with adding Pulse – a cardio/endurance based class that uses a heart rate monitor to encourage maximum effort, and is still following a healthy eating plan. Stephanie has come a long way during her health & fitness journey. With all her hard work, Stephanie has lost another 3lbs, which put her total loss at 15lbs since October! Congratulations Stephanie on all your hard work!

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