Athlete of the Month

March 2020

Patrick Welchs success story

Patrick Welch

Patrick Welch started with Storm King Athletic Club in mid December as part of our 6 Week Thrive Challenge. As part of that challenge, Patrick was provided a customized eating plan that he followed strictly during his 6 weeks - even through the Christmas ...

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January 2020

Stephanie Wattss success story

Stephanie Watts

Stephanie joined Storm King Athletic Club October 2019 as part of our 6 week Thrive BootCamp Challengers. Stephanie stays busy with her full time job, but still made time for herself by working out consistently 3-4 days a week and following a healthy eati...

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December 2019

Trent Danielsons success story

Trent Danielson

Trent started his Thrive journey in October 2018. Working a busy full-time job, Trent was attending the 6:30PM class during the work week along with Saturday mornings while following a healthy and balanced eating plan that fueled him properly for 6 weeks....

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November 2019

Jacob Eiseles success story

Jacob Eisele

Jacob started StormKing back in October 2018 as part of the new Thrive program. He consistently attended the evening at 6:30pm BootCamp class 3-4 days a week as he worked during the day full time. During the 6 week Thrive Challenge, Jacob learned healthy ...

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