Amber Valdez


This is going to be a long one… But I’m inspired. You know that scene in “An Officer & A Gentleman” where Mayo coaches Seeger and helps her push herself to finally climb over the wall? You know that feeling you get when you watch it? The “he’s such an awesome human” feeling? That’s every day at Crossfit for me. Seriously the most amazing group of humans pushing each other to never give up. I’m always the last to finish, and those who are done will cheer me on, and even join with me and keep me pushing. I also witness it, when watching the teens class too. Those who finish, will jump in and do the workout with those who aren’t done yet. Yesterday I heard cheering and looked up from my homework to see all these teenagers in a circle, doing burpees together in order to encourage those who were still trying to finish. An amazing group of mini humans building up confidence and encouraging each other. It’s clear to me that Crossfit is more than just fitness. It is mental strength, it is encouragement, it is rising to a challenge, and it is SINCERELY wanting those around you to rise to their full potential, to succeed, and happily walking with them along the way. I think THAT is why the shirts say “community through fitness.” THANK YOU STORM KING CROSSFIT!

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