Athlete of the MonthDecember

Trent Danielson

Career: Pharmacist

Years at Storm King Athletic Club: 1

Trent set a goal, was consistent with his nutrition and training and crushed his original goala only to set new ones.

Trent started his Thrive journey in October 2018. Working a busy full-time job, Trent was attending the 6:30PM class during the work week along with Saturday mornings while following a healthy and balanced eating plan that fueled him properly for 6 weeks. This allowed Trent to successfully lose 18.3lbs AND 4% body fat! These days you will find Trent at the 5 am CrossFit class that he regularly attends before work, so that he can continue to crush his goals and make some gains. StormKing is thrilled to see you continue your fitness journey, amazing work Trent!!

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