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I’ve been fortunate enough to call the Olympic Peninsula home for over 33 years. In those 33 years, we’ve seen many fitness fads pop up (trust me I’ve tried them!) but I can promise you CrossFit does not fall into this category. I tried my first CrossFit class through the YMCA back in 2009 and was immediately humbled by how a short complete, ever-changing workout could transform my body! Anyone who knows me knows how passionate I have been ever since to this LIFE change called CrossFit.

Having a military background and a love for coaching sports and other activities, CrossFit felt like I was finally finding my fitness answer. As any of our members will be able to attest, CrossFit has the ability to change you physically AND emotionally! I’ve had the honor of personally helping others to achieve these life transformations and I can’t wait to add YOU to our Storm King family!!! As you will see, our members are truly like a second family- supportive and always willing to lend a hand. They’ve improved my life hopefully as much as I’ve improved theirs!

Look forward to meeting you!!

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