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  • Get in shape

    They're like AA and psychotherapy all in one and you even have fun and get in shape! Great community!...

    Shawn Walker

  • The best place

    THE best place to get your sweat on, get healthy, and succeed in ways you had no idea you could!...

    Jessica Hernandez

  • Great group of folks

    Great group of folks with whom to work out and even though I am usually DFL (dead freaking last), someone always comes to finish with me and encourage me!...

    Deb Reed

  • People are amazing

    First time I have ever stuck with and actually enjoyed working out. The people are amazing. The staff is amazing. I honestly can't say enough good about this place. So the two takeaways? Honestly amazing....

    Laura O'Neal Humorist

  • Lost 13 pounds

    Thanks to Stormking Crossfit, my daughter has lost 13 pounds and gained incredible strength!...

    Jennifer Theade Van Dyke

  • Coaches are so encouraging

    I love all of my fellow "junkies" and the coaches are so encouraging and helpful! I have never considered myself "athletic", but there isn't a day that I'm not excited about coming to the box. No matter how gruesome the WOD is!   love leaving for the da...

    Monette Drange